With elements from Alternative Electronic, Trip-hop, Alternative R&B and the Avant-garde, SKYCABIN’s genre is uniquely shaped to be their own. Presented through a sophisticated visual world released in form of music videos and social media contents, SKYCABIN has found its core audience within the visual art admirers and music lovers alike.

Skycabin_Art_V02_00001.jpgSkycabin MusicStation003_SepandVision_4x5_V01.jpg
Founded by the Californian dynamic duo Farbod & Sepand in 2020, SKYCABIN has gathered more than 300k Spotify streams 5 singles in, through repeated success in Spotify’s discover weeklies. SKYCABIN's latest music video NERVE was theatrically premiered in LA shorts film festival and Portland film festival this year for the live audience.

Now back after months of preparation, Skycabin is about to release its first EP SOMNIA as a visual anthology, presenting their newly crafted tune which expands on prior releases.